nunavik grip


Exceptional paddle, powerful and soft.

The Nunavik Grip blade recalls the shape of the paddles used by the ancient Aleut people.
It reaches its maximum width at about 2/3 of the length of the blade, then finishing tapered at the tip.
From the position of the hands to the widest part of the blade, the lever arm is noticeably shortened thus giving responsiveness and exceptional thrust.

Also ideal for long tours and for experienced kayakers.

Total length Shaft length Blades length Blades width Inserts no.
A Cm 234 Cm 54 Cm 90 Cm 8 11
B Cm 224 Cm 54 Cm 85 Cm 8 11


Price Divisible supplement Paddle case
€ 360
+ shipping
€ 90 € 35