A very important thing to build an excellent paddle is the choice of wood. This must be of first quality, it must not have knots or other imperfections, the fiber must be straight, homogeneous and compact.

Wood is a natural composite material, made up of cellulose molecules with long chains, connected by cross-links and linked together by lignin. The properties of strength, hardness, flexibility, buoyancy and durability over time derive from this particular structure.

Weight for weight, it is a material much sturdier than steel.

The AVATAK paddles are built with eleven inserts of various essences.

For a paddle weighing around 900 grams, no less than 8 kg of wood is needed! Usually the central core, which corresponds to the length of the paddle, is in spruce or red cedar, very light and flexible woods.

Laterally the blades are reinforced with hard woods such as mahogany, teak, wengé, padouk, iroko, larch, okoumé, etc. to have extra protection against possible blows.

The outside of the handle is also made of hardwoods which ends up with the characteristic spear shape.
This set of woods gives the right flexibility and that extra help in propulsion, while the handle, always and exclusively with an oval section, guarantees maximum strength and solidity transmitting, between the other always immediately the correct position of the blades both in case of roll and in the dark of a navigation at night
The tips of the blades are coated in resin to protect them from shocks. Two types of procedure are used for the protection of wood: The first consists of a treatment with 6 coats of satin polyurethane finish. The second consists of an oil finish with a blend of precious oils whose main component is jojoba oil. This treatment deeply nourishes the wood by closing the pores and making it waterproof.

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