Why exactly a wooden paddle?

Because wood is an irreproducible material. It took nature millions of years to deliver it to us with its unique and multiple characteristics: flexibility, lightness, warm to the touch and safe (try to find yourself in the middle of a storm perhaps with lightning: wood does not attract them) And lastly , strange but true, it floats!

Why should I switch to an Avatak paddle?

  1. They are produced one by one with great care.
  2. They have great added value in the GRIP.
  3. each paddle is a unique piece.
  4. they are the best on the market. Ask anyone who uses them.

Why is there no guarantee?

Because they are guaranteed for life! Obviously if well maintained! Avatak paddles are warranted to be free from defects.

Why don’t I know which paddle to buy?


Many of you ask me this question. The answer, however, requires a detailed analysis, as there are several factors that could influence your choice. For example, you might be happy with a Greenland 234 but you might just as well be happy with a Nunavik 224.

Do you want to go on a quiet excursion or do you want to excel with friends, do you want to have fun doing 100 rolls or do you just need one because you caught the wrong wave. It depends on the sea if it is formed, or smooth like oil, etc etc And it also depends on how you woke up that morning.

The best thing is: ASK ME FOR ADVICE.
We will find the most suitable solution for you.

Does it need maintenance?

The finish of the paddle was done with six coats of oil-polyurethane finish. It is maintenance-free, unless it is deeply scratched or the paint has been worn down to reveal the wood.
Only in this case is it recommended to sand as soon as possible with 180 grit sandpaper; between coats of finish with 240 grit.
Proceed with painting with a brush with at least two coats of the aforementioned finish.

Oil finish:
Oil often with boiled linseed or Tung oil, diluted 20% with turpentine essence.

Divisible model:
It is advisable to grease the steel mechanism from time to time.

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