Master Sergio Betucchi
born in 1961

passion-for-wood He immediately found his passion for wood and the processing of essences, this interest was fueled from an early age given that his godfather owned a carpentry right near his home.

His work has always led him to put himself to the test, almost like a challenge against himself.
The working environment of the carpentry shop and the scent of worked wood fascinated him and from here he cultivated his future work.

By cutting, planing, sculpting and carving he began to create a real working activity, the life of a wood craftsman.

Following various experiences and studies made on woodworking, Maestro Sergio Betucchi entered the world of kayaks.


AVATAK was born in 2010, a Made in Italy brand of high quality, given by the careful research of essences and by the master experience of each constructive choice.
The production is inspired by the characteristics and wisdom of the ancient peoples of the North.

The greatest satisfaction is given by its customers who appreciate the Greenland paddles supplied to them, requesting others and passing the word on to other professional kayakers and passionate amateurs of this wonderful sport.


Within each Greenlandic paddle made by Maestro Sergio Betucchi there is a component of himself that he transmits in every work and realization as if it had a soul, the real reason why AVATAK Greenland paddles are a prestigious
unique and handcrafted product