Why a Greenland Paddle?

Why use a Greenland straight-bladed paddle?

One might wonder why, today in the third millennium, a modern paddler who uses equipment made up of very advanced materials and technological solutions, still has to use a wooden Greenland paddle.

It’s a legitimate question that deserves some answers:

inuit-eskimo The first reason is that Eskimo Inuit have developed both the kayak and the paddle hand in hand with the same logic and the same priorities.

The second point is that the result of years of tests, trials and very diversified experiences, with the collaboration of the best European paddlers, has proved the ancient Inuit concepts right.

The third concept and most important is that in paddling with a Greenland paddle the fatigue is greatly reduced compared to a paddle with short and wide blades practically built for river use or for short-term competitions and where a powerful push is needed.

The Greenland paddles in wood and with straight blades are still today the best in terms of functionality, resistance to wind, adaptability to the most diverse sudden situations and the most reliable and fastest in the execution of Eskimo techniques, in the supports, in the recovery and rescue.

Avatak paddles are Soft in the thrust and pleasant to the touch

A Greenland paddle is a real navigation tool and an added guarantee for the modern kayaker, who knows how to appreciate both the new technology in terms of materials and construction concepts, but also knows how to combine this modernity to the purest and most effective simplicity of a Greenland wooden paddle.

Among the Greenland paddles on the market there are of course the mediocre, the fair, the good and the excellent. It is up to the kayaker to choose the paddle that best suits her needs from among these, bearing in mind, however, that as with the kayak, one’s life is entrusted to it.